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İspanyolca Kurslarımız

İspanyolca Kurslarımız

Our Method

This course is designed for students who want to communicate in a variety of day to day situations maybe to travel in Spanish-speaking countries or to learn about other cultures.

The main objective of all foreign language training is to help students communicate effectively and with ease in the target language. We’ve Smart Online Spanish Lessons to achieve that goal.

Our proposal is to teach Spanish on the Internet integrating the four skills of the language in a communicative way with the cognitive theory of human learning and multiple intelligences. Years of experience teaching with traditional methods left us frustrated with the low results that students show. Our method focuses on developing students’ listening, writing, speaking and reading comprehension skills right from the start based on real and meaningful situations where students can truly use the language.

We offer different kinds of courses with specific purposes, all of them focused on the student’s needs.

Welcome and enjoy your lessons!

Smart Online Spanish Lessons
offers Spanish courses for specific purposes  taking account of students' needs and wishes.

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