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After several years and burning through perhaps a half dozen local Spanish tutors, I finally decided to give online lessons a try and I must say, I’m never going back to the 'old way.’  With online learning gone is the time lost to travel, the frustration of parking and the attendant obligation to buy at least one cup of coffee, not to mention the inflated local rates which now can top $40/hr in some cases!  I have studied with Carolina for more than a year now - some 50+ private classes - and I can honestly say she’s as effective as she is friendly and that her classes are always fun and any supporting material right on target.  An hour zips by before you know it and with this style of what is effectively immersion study, learning is both rapid and satisfying.

Dave T.
Seattle, WA, USA

"As an eager Spanish student with a busy schedule and little time for practice, sometimes my ambition to speak Spanish outweighs my ability, and I’m very lucky to have a teacher like Carolina to laugh with me when I make mistakes.  Her teaching style is fun, interactive and constructive.  I am now much more proficient in Spanish, and I owe it to Carolina’s skilled guidance.  In a few months' time, I can now communicate almost entirely in Spanish about a wide range of topics during our sessions, and my confidence has greatly improved.  Aside from being an excellent Spanish teacher, she has a delightful personality, and I highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning Spanish."  

Anthony   A. Portland, Oregon, USA.

I have studied Spanish in classroom settings, self-study with videos and books, and with a number of different tutors. I would say, in the same breath, that studying with a tutor, especially with Carolina as that tutor, is hands-down the best way to improve one's Spanish proficiency. Carolina is approachable, kind, consistent, and thorough in her instruction. She tailors exercises to the student's level and needs, always pushing the student to grow, ensuring that the student is engaged in the material. Carolina never pushes a student beyond their capability, never leaves them lost and confused, but she is nevertheless very capable of leading a student forward to learn more and more with each session, opening doors to understanding and confidence with the language. Carolina's instruction helped me reach a level of proficiency competent enough to both converse with more confidence and to read and translate well enough to do Master's level research with many Spanish-language texts. I am happy to highly recommend Carolina as a Spanish tutor!

James Taylor., Gainesville, FL. USA

My work requires me to interact with Hispanics. Knowing not a shred of Spanish resulted in loosing out on business, chagrin and sadness followed. One Sunday random browsing of internet led me to a wonderful Spanish teacher, named Carolina Morales. Few classes with her and I was pleasantly surprised, she exhibits amazing dexterity. I experienced gentle infusion of Spanish language to the extent that even the most quintessential Spanish words seemed familiar. All thanks to her teaching methods, the cumulative result of which has been my proclivity to learn Spanish language. Its for all who want to learn spanish, to put an end to their unending ferret and join Shally, I can guarantee symbiosis for a lifetime.

By Montu
New Delhi

"Carolina is a wonderful teacher and she challenges me to do my exercises correctly and precisely before moving to the next level. I enjoy learning new themes each week and she helps relate to everyday life."

Brett Clark

Our 11-year old son has taken lessons with Carolina for several months.  He has had several other Spanish tutors, as well, but when I have asked him over time (several times) who he would prefer to have the lessons with, he always says "Carolina".  He’s a little lazy with schoolwork, but we never have a hard time getting him to do the Spanish lessons with her - he takes his laptop and goes into his room and gets onto Skype all on his own.  I always peek in to see how the lesson is going and what kind of material Carolina is covering with him, and it is all very professional and keeps him engaged (try keeping the attention of an 11-year old for an hour straight…).  She seems to have a lot of patience in working with kids, and knows how to get through to them.  He has taken Spanish in school since first grade (he just finished 5th), but would never utter a word of Spanish around us…we live in Miami, and his grandparents speak only Spanish!  After several lessons with her, he started speaking Spanish more often, or at least trying, whereas before he was too insecure about it to try.  We will continue to use Carolina to supplement his Spanish classes that receives in school, with the goal of developing his conversational skills in Spanish further, because what he does in school just isn’t enough.   I’m confident that Carolina will have him making more progress than we could get anywhere else.

Sean McKeown in Miami

I worked with Carolina for about 18 months on Skype.  I started out as a novice and have gained excellent knowledge about the Spanish language and culture with instruction from Carolina. She is a very friendly and dynamic teacher explaining things very well.  She is very patient and gives me time to think about what I want to say in Spanish.
She uses various techniques to teach emphasizing grammar, writing, pronunciation drills, vocabulary exercises, and drills to describe everyday life.
I have made great progress under her guidance and would recommend her to anyone interested in learning the Spanish language.

Warrenton, VA, USA

'I have studied with Carolina as a beginning Spanish student.  She has always been very helpful and professional, helping me to understand the language and use it properly.  I like the use of helpful technology that she uses in her classes.  In addition, she speaks English so she can explain something to me if I don't understand.  I look forward to studying more with her as my teacher.'

David G.

I had the pleasure of working with Carolina over skype to improve my intermediate knowledge of grammar and listening skills over a period of a couple of months.  I improved tremendously while simultaneously having fun. Carolina challenged me while providing intuitive approaches.  She had a logical lesson plan and came to each class fully prepared. She has an excellent command of English and tremendous patience.

Richard S., Chicago IL USA

Very good and patient. — Carolina has been great!! My son shows a stark interest in oral Spanish now and he's improving his grade, and is excited about his test and quizzes, he said himself he rates Carolina a 10. I'm loving the enthusiasm he's been displaying since working with her, we will definitely keep working with Carolina.

Jane L.   Texas, USA

Carolina Morales is definitely a wonderful tutor. She incorporates many aspects of culture into lessons making them more interesting and entertaining. Carolina's character enables students to feel comfortable speaking in Spanish. Her lesson plans are done very well and focus on fixing the students weaknesses. Carolina explains grammar using real live examples and shows her students videos to demonstrate how natives speak in different Spanish speaking countries.

Sharon  Rosenblum, Jersey en Bergen County, USA

Two years ago, I broke my right ankle in New York City, while traveling. At the time, I knew this
unfortunate incident would put me in an inactive position for at least three months. With that said,
my ankle was put in a cast and I was told not to travel or be active.

That is when I met Carolina Morales, from Bogota, Colombia and she changed my life. Her user
friendly and easy to use online platform and approach, allowed me to learn Spanish lessons while
sitting on my couch with my right ankle elevated.

I want to take the time and write about this significant moment in my life, that I will never forget.
Carolina, managed to turn my living room into an active Spanish classroom. I continued to take
online Spanish lessons with her everyday after that.

She is kind, friendly, approachable and easy to talk to. We made friends right away and I felt
comfortable making mistakes in her presence. She has a unique approach that allows a person to
feel comfortable, while learning a new skill.

The modules are designed in a logical manner and slowly progresses the student to full
comprehension of the language in no time. The homework was challenging, yet she made it fun!
Carolina’s method in conveying the information, over a computer instead of in person, left me
‘speechless’…in English that is!

I travel frequently for work and learning Spanish was a huge added benefit personally and
professionally. I recently returned from Argentina, where I spend three months living and working,
and thanks to Carolina, I was able to put what I have learned from her into practice in everyday

I know she works professionally with businesses and interpreter services, and I look forward to
working with her in the future when clients request Spanish translation services from our firm.

Jannie V. Jonker Jr.
Executive Director

I have been a online spanish student of Carolina's for several years and found her to be an exceptionally gifted educator.  Working with Carolina, I rapidly accelerated my language abilities.  Her classes are always well organized and purpose-driven.  Be prepared for an intense learning experience as Carolina will constantly challenge you.  I've used many, many online Spanish teachers in the past and Carolina is far and away the best.

Rob Plankenhorn
Indianapolis, Indiana

Hi everyone
I'm from Paris and I'm a Student in Sciences-Economics at the university of Versailles. I was looking for some helps when I was 18 for improve my spanish level and I found Carolina who gave lessons through internet. The results were immediate : I improved my vocabulary and my oral very fastly due to her way to teach spanish wich is very modern and adaptated to the scholar and professional environment. Moreover, Carolina helped me with all difficulties that I encountered during our lessons and thanks to her, I got one of the best grade of my whole group in my final exam. She is perfectly able to prepare you for exams, interviews or other kind of situations wich requires master of spanish ! I still to have a good level in spanish since i took classes with her 2 years ago and these lessons were a good experience for me :-) . So don't wait anymore you are at the good place !

Fabien , Versailles (France)

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